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Location: 6609 E. 82ND ST., Indianapolis, IN 46250
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email: indianajudo.mario@yahoo.com

Hokushin Judo Information

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Membership and Free Trial

Become an active member of Hokushin Judo and develop speed, agility, power and confidence within a great atmosphere. GREAT FOR ALL AGES!
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First time on the mat

The dojo and learning a new sport can feel strange at first. Read here to better understand what to expect on your first day. From what to wear, how to bow onto the mat and other items. more

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Practice Times

Workouts consist of stetching, conditioning and judo. We teach traditional and competition style judo. more

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What is Judo

Judo translates to the Gentle Way. In 1882, Dr. Jigaro Kano having pulled from ancient jujitsu the best of its throws and grappling techniques and adding some of his own presented his new sport–Judo. more

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Here you will find all the terms and techniques you need to know in order to earn your rank. (All ranks must be approved by Sensei Mario) more

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Here's your chance to purchase Hokushin Judo merchandise ... more

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Waiver/Hokushin Judo

Please fill out this waiver before stepping onto the mat. Thank you. more

Hokushin Judo Featured Stories

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New A New Martial Arts Partnership

Six Blades Jiu Jitsu's owner Tahir Sharif created a great...

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Spotlight - Judo: A Dynamic Motor Skill

Article by Elie A. Morrell, Shichidan

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Hokushin Judo begins!

Hokushin Judo starts with friends visiting the new dojo...