Clinic and Training March 2, 2024 Sasaki Judo Clinic

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Come train with one of Japan's top Judokas!

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Shinjiro Sasaki (5th Degree Black Belt)

Sensei Shinjiro Sasaki started Judo at the age of six in his home town of Hiroshima, Japan. At the age of 18, he continued his study of the sport at the world renowned Kodokan, the home of Judo as established by Jigoro Kano, founder of Judo in 1882. After graduation with a degree in Law, Sensei Sasaki became a top Judo player on the famous Ryotokuji Japanese professional Judo team. His career as a professional Judoka extended into international competition, ranking him as one os the top Judokas in the world and a contender for the 2008 Olympics. In 2005, Sensei Sasaki took gold at the Kodokan Cup making him the Japanese National Champion in the 60kg weight division.

Shinjiro started his own club in 2010 based in Florida called Sasaki Judo. He said, "I made a commitment to our community in Casselberry to create an enjoyable environment for students to improve their fitness, while building confidence they can carry into their everyday lives."


"My daughter JC and I have had the opportunity to go and train at two of Sasaki's clinics. He was able to break down his favorite techniques so that we were able to apply them to our own judo. He took the time to answer questions and help everyone that was there.

He is a great judoka/coach and I highly recommend taking this opportunity to train and learn from him."

Mario Camacho

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